• Adolescence Counselling Woodford Green

    Adolescence Counselling Woodford Green

    Adolescence Counselling : The transition from child to teenager is a difficult period for most young people whatever their circumstances. They are experiencing hormonal changes, they may be under pressure to keep up with school work, and they are discovering that the world around them, whilst offering new freedoms and exciting opportunities, can also be a dangerous and confusing place.

    The fact that no two youngsters develop at the same pace, and parents or guardians have varying levels of anxiety over their children’s welfare, frequently brings stress in relationships with peers and family.

    Feelings of isolation, insecurities, resentment, frustrations or even boredom, leading to what adults describe as” unsocial behaviour” are quite normal. Mostly such feelings disappear as the youngster matures.

    Through no fault of their own, many young persons have grown up in such circumstances or have been involved in an event, or series of events that in some, but not all cases, the “normal” difficulties of adolescence are intensified.

    Counselling can offer unsettled adolescents…

    …a safe and structured environment in which to recognise both the positive and the negative influences of their childhood, express freely their feelings and anxieties, articulate their desires and identify how to come to terms with and deal with current pressures, such as bullying, social media stress, exam anxiety, screen addiction and addictions in general . Such pressures often lead to eating disorders , self-harming and even suicidal thoughts, compounding the original cause of anxiety.

    It is particularly important to note that client confidentiality applies equally to children as to adults. Accordingly young clients can be assured that I will be able to provide them with a safe environment in which whatever they choose to share with me will neither judged nor divulged, unless they are a risk to themselves or from other sources. (Please read further about confidentiality)

    Please see the section on anxieties which could also relate to adolescents.

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