• Anger Management

    Anger Management Counselling

    Anger is an emotional response to any situation that the individual feels could have been avoided. Everyone gets angry at some time or another. However, sometimes the anger becomes overwhelming and it can get beyond control.

    Anger can be vented against inanimate objects but typically manifests itself in what may be described as anti-social behaviour – perhaps verbal or in the form of physical aggression, disruptiveness or lack of co-operation. Unless that behaviour forces another to change their minds or to meet a set of demands, and it usually doesn’t, anger rarely changes the situation. Regardless of whether the person reacts instantaneously or allows the resentment to build up over time, learning to manage their anger can only begin when that essential truth is acknowledged.

    It is also recognised that some persons feel a general non-specific anger directed at the world around them rather than towards a particular event or situation. Such persons may believe that they are perhaps unlucky and can become envious of others’ lifestyles or they may feel victimised. Frequently, because they can become obsessive and spend time thinking about their situation, their language can become highly imaginative or spiteful.

    Unless anger is understood and heard, a person under the strain of their feelings can become either a danger to themselves or to others. Anger management requires a person to be helped to identify the factors that trigger the reactions and how to come to terms with given situations.

    Counselling through exploring a person’s present and past experiences and their personality can help them to develop a calmer and more reflective approach to dealing with problems or disappointments. In particular I review with my clients instances in which their response, either physical or verbal, may have been inappropriate so that they gain confidence in being able to cope with the circumstances in which they found themselves in.

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