• Anxiety Counselling

    Anxiety Counselling


    Anxiety, real or imagined, arises when an individual is unable to predict the behaviour of another or the outcome of an event and believes that the consequences will in some way be unpleasant or embarrassing to them. Everyone experiences a degree of anxiety about something or other in the course of their lives; typically school examinations, taking on a new job, speaking to a group of people, getting married and having children: Questions such as what will happen if it doesn’t work out, what if my colleagues don’t like me, none of which can be properly answered unless and until the worst actually occurs, worry the person about to embark on the action. Coping with such anxiety can undermine the confidence of the individual.

    Some anxieties can affect a person physically and manifestations can include palpitations, headaches, migraines, nausea , nervous indigestion, dizziness, blurred vision, blushing, facial tics, bodily aches and pains, weakness and general malaise. Panic attacks can occur unexpectedly even when the individual is not consciously thinking about the subject of concern. At the extreme, an individual suffering from severe anxieties will be unable to make the decision and take the necessary action that would allow them to move their lives forward, in effect incapacitating them.  They might also be affected by distorted thoughts processes , develop obsessive behaviours, and ruminations. 

    Counselling can help to release anxiety by unlocking the underlying fears that the person has with regard to an outcome eg not the fact that work colleagues might not like the person but why it matters if they don’t?

    Whilst it might be necessary to find practical solutions to the issues giving rise to the anxiety, I will help clients identify and articulate their underlying fears and to find coping mechanisms to overcome them and to restore their self- esteem.

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