• Counselling Charges and FAQ's

    Counselling Charges and FAQ’s

    How Many Sessions Will I Need?

    This will be agreed between us at the initial assessment session.


    What Do I Have to Do?

    Be prepared to be open and participative in the sessions. Counselling can only be effective when the client agrees to commit fully to the programme of counselling.


    How Much Will it Cost?

    Woodford Green Practice

    £60.00 – Individuals Counselling Sessions
    £70.00 – Couples Counselling Sessions
    £75.00 or £ 80.00 Family Counselling Session, depending on the number of family members –

    City Practice

    £70.00 – Individuals Counselling Sessions
    £75.00 – Couples Counselling Sessions
    £80.00 – £ 85.00 Family Counselling Sessions, depending on the number of Family Members.

    Lily House: £ 75.00 per session

    Special rates are available to students and non employed persons on application. This applies to attendance at the Woodford Practice and I am unable to accommodate reduced rates at the City Practice.

    Payments would be appreciated at the end of each session.

    48 hours notice is required for cancelled appointments, otherwise the full session fee is payable.


    Do I have to be Referred by a Doctor?

    No. You can make an appointment with me at any time. However, there might be circumstances in which it may be advisable to advise your doctor and this is something that can be discussed during counselling.


    How Do I Know You Can Help Me?

    The first session is an assessment session. This will enable both of us to decide whether we are able to work together.


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