• Loss Counselling

    Loss Counselling, Help and Support


    Where an individual has formed a strong emotional attachment to a physical object, a relationship or even an idea, so that it becomes a valued possession, its permanent loss, howsoever caused, can be devastating, disturbing and frustrating for that person. This is especially so when the loss occurs unexpectedly and is totally outside the control of the person suffering the loss.

    Bereavement is one particular form of loss but the child who thinks his parents have abandoned him after a divorce, the worker who is made redundant after years of committed service to an organisation, the immigrant who has given up his community and familiar surroundings to live in a seemingly alien culture, initially feel a sense of loss almost as acutely.

    Counselling for loss generally requires the person affected to progress through several stages of grieving, principally recognition, reaction, reflection, acceptance and action. Clearly substitutes may be found for many, but obviously not all, types of losses, and through counselling I can assist my clients identify the possibilities and to redirect their emotional attachments.

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