• Work Life Balance

    Work Life Balance Counselling

    Most of us need to work either to achieve and maintain the standard of living to which we aspire or simply to make ends meet. Choosing our working hours or taking on a job we find interesting or less demanding as opposed to the job we currently have or have realistic expectations of getting is a luxury available only to the very few. Yet the pressures brought about by the commitment to work, particularly if the employing organisation is unsympathetic to the personal lives of its staff, are such that they can cause disruption to family and social relationships, anxiety and stress leading to conditions like irritability, insomnia and depression. This problems are often accompanied by physical illness caused by lack of exercise or from a reliance on stimulants such alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Technology has ensured that much drudgery and risk has been removed from the provision of goods and services but finding the right work life balance is indeed the big 21st century challenge for individuals.

    Determining an appropriate balance is a matter of establishing priorities, analysing needs and resources, such as money and skills, and examining the likely consequences of pursuing various identified options. For individuals already under pressure or unsure as to the best course of action for them, counselling takes them through a structured process of self-analysis and helps them to approach the issues with clarity and reasonable objectivity.

    Please note that counselling on work life balance differs from career counselling, a specialist field focused on assessing and recommending the most suitable work for an individual based on their skills and personal attributes.

    Work Life Balance Counselling South Woodford and City of London